Gioffré Painter

Giuseppe Gioffrè, born in Scilla , Calabria Italy in 1946, now lives in an established rural landhouse in Tuscany with his wife Laura with whom he cultivates an estensive olive growe and simultaneously manage a small agriturismo(rural holiday home) on the hills of the Montalbano, Montevettolini, in the community of Monsummano Terme.

Since his youth, alongside his studies and, later his profession, he has passionately dedicated himself to painting “sublime interpretation of beauty” as so defined by the great Leonardo da Vinci.

He has, in earlier years, exhibited his paintings collectively and privately but since, coherent to his retired nature, has purposefully emarginated himself from any kind of commerce.

To date his paintings count several hundred on various themes among which, the most dear to him, that suggested by the poetry of Pablo Neruda about which he has published an artbook.

Following the advice of his wife Laura, he now offers part of his collection to “visitors” of his website who, if so desiring, can acquire his paintings on-line. Every comment offered will be accepted, appreciated and without doubt, useful for future works.

Living as he now does, in close connection with nature and the local land farmers has brought him to reconsider mankind. It is for this motive that recently he has written and published a small book in which he invites the readers to reflect the sense of life in the prospect of a concret belonging of humans to their earthly habitat. The title of the book is methaphoric: “A year in the company of a marginal pig” Actuality, subtleties, deviations and absurdities of our times as seen by a marginal pig.


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